The Peach Box

Recently I received two fabulous new accessories from The Peach Box.
I am all about minimalist chic styling, so these little babies dress up my outfit effortlessly! On top of this, they come in gorgeous packaging. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME. Packaging is one of my favourite things, besides my actual purchases. A great, super cute way to store my things, without having to buy additional packaging (WINNING!).

My Silver Roman Empress Bangle & Knot Bangle from

Now I hear you asking, ‘But Andrea, why bracelets?’

When it comes to jewelry I like to keep it simple. These little pieces add a little bit of oomph to my outfit, without breaking the bank.
Additionally, I am obsessed with my Android Wear watches (and watches in general), so this adds a little bit of class to my LG G Watch R.

What do you guys think?


To celebrate my new additions, feel free to use this exclusive VIP discount code: tpb-andreamichelleindy

Thanks to The Peach Box, this code will give you 15% off, valid until the end of October.

Go on, treat yourself.

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time….

Take care and stay fabulous!
Andrea Michelle Indy


My favourite little black and white boxes!
My favourite little black and white boxes!

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