2020 Rolls-Royce Ghost – The New Ghost, Melbourne preview


Minimalism is at the forefront of what the new Rolls-Royce Ghost stands for, which Rolls-Royce refer to as ‘Post Opulence’.

Much like the global financial crisis in 2007 which arguably sparked the whole minimalist movement in the last two decades, now during a global pandemic in 2020, Rolls-Royce are bringing the ‘minimalism philosophy’ to one of their favourite models: The Ghost.

It seems fitting that Rolls-Royce were to bring out a car during what is a considerably challenging year for all. This was not planned by Rolls-Royce – they did not know that a pandemic was coming – this new iteration has been in planning for over 6 years, and yet, it could not have come at a better time where customers will be looking for more ways to embrace minimalism into their lives.

The core idea of minimalism with The New Ghost is to ‘reject superficial expressions of wealth’. It does not mean you cannot enjoy the finer things, but I also interpret minimalism to also be a form of consideration and respect to those around you.

In design terms it means to strip things back to its bare necessity, but still maintain it to the highest quality. For Rolls-Royce Ghost this means less busy details and more refinement.  

I think it is hard for a car brand like Rolls-Royce to be completely minimalist, as they will naturally always grab my attention, but a considered and conscious effort has been made with the design of the New Ghost which can be appreciated.

Design Details & Comfort

Stepping into the interior I am immediately whisked off to another universe. I, a major daydreamer, can imagine sitting in this interior for a long amount of time and not wanting to ever leave it.

The cabin environment feels so serene.

Firstly, this serenity is thanks to the incredible engineering involved in tuning the resonant frequency within the cabin. This would surely be more so powerful once on the road, as Rolls-Royce claim that virtually no road noise can be heard. 

This bespoke Rolls-Royce audio experience is completely fascinating.

Secondly, the shooting star headliner completely captivates you.

As a 90’s kid, this triggered a deep level of nostalgia in me.

Every night when I would go to bed, I would look up at my ceiling that was covered in glow in the dark stars and drift away.

Fast forward to adult me sitting in a luxurious Rolls-Royce Ghost staring up at the ceiling covered 850 or more, beautifully handcrafted stars, and once again drift away.

I loved the idea that you can also bespoke the headliner to what ever you want, you could choose any pattern or even a particular constellation that you love. How cool is that?!

Other design highlights previewed:

  • Chrome plated exhausts
  • Up lit Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament
  • Single coachline in Artic White – on the sides of the car
  • Illuminated Treadplate, Grille and Fascia
  • Bespoke interior with incredibly soft and luscious navy blue lambswool floor mats
  • R-R Monogram to all headrests
  • The exterior is Midnight Sapphire which was made with crushed up pearls sourced from Western Australia


As Rolls-Royce states, the Ghost is the most technology advanced model to date.

This is quite easy to be seen within the cabin and it can be a lot to take in – especially for me who is not used to automatic doors in the slightest.

If I spent the entire weekend with the car, I feel I would only be scratching the surface of understanding the sheer capability of this car.

Other technological highlights previewed:

  • Rolls-Royce bespoke audio system – engineered and tested specifically to the Ghost’s needs
  • Automatic opening and closing doors – just at a touch of a button
  • Central cool chamber, with two handcrafted crystal glasses
  • Head-up display and driver assistance systems
  • Rear entertainment systems with automatic tray table
  • Shooting stars at command – just press a button and wait for the magic


Note, I cannot speak to the actual driving experience and physical performance as this was a static preview.

That said, it is claimed that it can do 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds (or 0-60mph in 4.6 sec) thanks to its 6.75L twin-turbocharged V12 engine, delivering 420kw and 850nM.

This is quite impressive if you consider the amount of technology and wiring that is adding so much extra weight to the saloon.

The new Ghost also features world first Planar suspension system should increase the tactile driving experience.


More and more Rolls-Royce are challenging the idea of being a luxury limousine and are erring more towards a being a driver’s car more than ever.

Particularly in the Australian market, where most Rolls-Royce buyers prefer to drive than be driven, the Ghost offers these customers the best of both worlds.

Whether you’re heading off to an important meeting and need to get your notes together in the back, or you’re heading away for the weekend – both are seamless experiences.

The Rolls Royce Ghost also has a very decently sized boot, with 490L of capacity.

The interior is also incredibly spacious even in the rear, which was also surprising given it also has a cool box which would take up a fair bit of real estate, but this is hardly felt in the new Ghost.

Final thoughts

Rolls-Royce continue to push the envelope and challenge the status quo of what a luxury car is and can be. It may seem like an oxymoron, but you can have minimalism in high-end vehicles, just like you can in the fashion world.

Although I may not ever be able to afford the Rolls-Royce Ghost, I can certainly appreciate the amount of detail and time that went into crafting this vehicle.

It is truly something to behold, and dare I say it, aspire to.

The New Ghost starts at AU$628,000, not including bespoke detail pricing and stamp duty.

For more information visit your local Rolls-Royce dealer or head to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.


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