Which Rolld side on you on? #igiveacrab #igiveaduck

Just in time for the Summer season, two very delicious Rice paper Soldier flavours are launching tomorrow. (And one that’s already got my heart racing!)

On Monday the 12th of December Rolld is launching Roast Duck and Soft Shell Crab. You can vote for your favourite at www.rolld.com.au/votenow
And to sweeten the deal even more, you’ll also get a special Rolld voucher just for voting.


PLUS customers will be able to try the new flavours for free on Monday the 12th and Saturday 17th at Rolld Stores across the nation.

I’m a massive fan of Roast duck and #idontgiveaduck.
Make sure to hashtag your favourite with #igiveaduck or #igiveacrab!

So tell me, which side are you on? Launching tomorrow, December 12th!

#SummerofRolld #idontgiveacrab #idontgiveaduck


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Twitter: @andreainarcadia
Facebook: Andrea in Arcadia



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