Winter Pieces from Eastland

Today I had a bit of fun at Eastland, finding some possible accessories to add to my winter wardrobe that will add a bit of personality to any outfit.
If you haven’t been to Eastland before, or since the renovations a lot has definitely changed!

One of my favourite features of Eastland is The Arcade which aims to highlight up and coming Melbournian brands (something very close to my heart).
I’m very much into minimalist accessories and had a bit of a forage and found the following must have pieces to add to my wardrobe.

First I headed to 2 + A and found this cute keychain (picture below). Saw my initials on it (AH) and instantly fell in love…additionally I own matching earrings to go with them so I was sold. My eye was caught also by this organiser wallet because I take being organised very seriously.


After I headed to Merchants of Change. Merchants of Change are all about supporting the less fortunate and giving back (who could say no to that?!) I need a new drink bottle and found this amazing stainless steel one that keeps your hot drinks hot for TWELVE hours and your cold drinks cold for TWENTY FOUR hours. Perfect for winter & summer.

Chunky silver bangles are on trend, so I had a play with Tesori Bellini. This bangle is a great statement piece on the singular (I’m not huge on stacking…or at least now anyway!).


Lastly headed to Gorman and instantly fell in love with these intricate leather boots and silver chain earrings with the dipped pink ends to give my outfit a slight edge (I have short hair and it still works…#winning).

I would highly recommend heading to The Arcade and checking out what they have to offer! You never know what unique pieces you might find.

Shot from above (left to right): S’well bottle from Merchants of Change, Silver bangle from Tesori Bellini, Mickey Mouse hand keyring from 2+A, Leather boots and Chain earrings from Gorman & leather organiser from 2+A.

What do you guys think? As far as accessories go, these ones have me to a tee.

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time…

Take care and stay fabulous!
Andrea Michelle Indy



Instagram: @andreamichelleindy
Twitter: @andreainarcadia
Facebook: Andrea in Arcadia


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