Android Wear for Android and iOS users, plus new watches to come!

As promised, today I’m talking about Android Wear watches and how they not only work with Android devices, but they are now also compatible with iPhones (huzzah!)

On the 31st of August, Google announced that you can now pair your iPhone (5 onwards, running iOS 8.2+) with a compatible Android Wear device.

(Check out their official blog link here: ‘Android Wear Now Works with iPhone’.).

If you are a super keen bean like me, you can get your compatible iPhone paired up to the currently available LG Watch Urbane purchasable through the Google Play Store and leading electronic retailers in Australia! For those of you holding out for a particular Android Wear,  you will be able to pair up your iOS device in the near future.

The reason I am so excited about this news is now even my friends using iOS can enjoy the brilliance of Android Wear!
One of my favourite things about Google products is that they are:

  • open source
  • often cross-compatible with a number of devices, manufactures, operating systems etc
  • making it more accessible to everyone!

Staying true to their mission:

” to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

You will be able to enjoy the benefits such as:

  • glanceable notifications
  • fitness tracking
  • & time information such as agenda, flights, travel and traffic updates.

Plus you can enjoy a variety of watches to suit your individual style and needs!
With over 9 available to chose from already, from reputable manufacturers such as Moto and LG, you can’t go wrong.

Lusting over the new Moto 360 Android Wear!!
Lusting over the new Moto 360 Android Wear!! (Motorola, 2015)

From their ‘New Android Wear Watches & Style‘ Official Android Blog, the following watches have been shared and are yet to be released:

New Android Wears:
Huawei Watch (left), Asus ZenWatch 2 (centre), Moto 360 (right) (Official Google Blog, 2015)

Huawei Watch

  • 6 different designs (silver, gold & black metal).
  • Ultra-high resolution face.
  • Watch tracks fitness including stair climbing!

Moto 360

  • 4 different designs (sport, women or two different size)

Asus ZenWatch 2-

  • 2 sizes (small or large)

*Australian prices TBA

If you are a fan of rose gold, you are going to absolutely love the Asus ZenWatch 2. Hello fashionistas!

ASUS ZenWatch 2 styles (Asus, 2015)

I particularly loved this quote from the original blog article:

Dr. Seuss once said: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” We agree. So whoever You are, and whatever You like—Android Wear lets you wear what you want.”

David Singleton, Director of Engineering, Android Wear @ Official Google Blog.

Screenshot 2015-10-02 at 3.07.52 PM
Huawei Watch

I strongly believe in this. I look forward to having a lot of fun with the new Android Wears!
More information coming soon.

Do you own an Android Wear? Do you have an iPhone? Do you think that this is something you could use??
I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

Thank you for reading!

‘Til next time

Stay fabulous,

Andrea Michelle Indy



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