Tag Heuer Connected- New Android Wear coming 9th November 2015

Some of you may have heard, or you’ve seen my multiple posts in regards to this news across my social media accounts.

I am ridiculously excited about this product launch. As a self-professed watch enthusiast and in particular, Android Wear enthusiastic, this news has literally made my day! Screenshot 2015-10-13 at 2.47.16 PMYou’re probably thinking, but what is the fuss Andrea?

Well, currently, when it comes to Android Wear, there is no premium watch available. SURE, there are heaps of watches to choose from…but no ‘premium’ options.

Additionally, I had been enticing the idea of purchasing a Tag Heuer watch as many of my friends rave about the quality and workmanship! (I’m all about this, if you’ve read my other blogs posts!)

Although, not a whole lot of detail has been released this is what I can tell you thus far:

  •  Tag will address peoples concerns with constantly updating technology promising, “as the technology changes, it will change”- Alexandra King (Tag Heuer, UK Communications Manager)
  •   The new watch will be based off the signature Carrera Range – named ‘Carrera Wearable 01’ – Jean Claude-Biver (Tag Heuer CEO)
  • Tag Heuer has collaborated with industry and tech powerhouses: Google and Intel
  • Most likely price ranged between $1500- $2000 (compared to the Apple Hermes watch available for purchase from AU $1700)

(Check out the Tag Heuer Connected Count Down page!) #connectedtoeternity

A little teaser from Tag Heuer!
A little teaser from Tag Heuer! So seductive.

With the product launch happening on the 9th of November in New York City, I am keen to get right amongst it.

What do you guys think? Any one else reeling with excitement!?


Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time….

Take care and stay fabulous!
Andrea Michelle Indy


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2 responses to “Tag Heuer Connected- New Android Wear coming 9th November 2015”

  1. Hey Andrea, this is getting me excited too..especially the increased battery life compared to other wearables. ☺ I’ve never owned any piece of watch > 500 bucks though..so this has to really make me want it badly. 😁


    1. Hi Daniel, Thanks for your comment!! What are your thoughts now that it has launched? I like it but here in Aus, it’s quite a hefty price tag!
      Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂


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