Road trips with Cygnett’s 7,500mAh 12V Jump Starter & Power Pack

Road trips made easy and stress-free with Cygnett’s new lightweight & compact 7,500mAh 12V Jump-Starter & Power Pack.


Recently I got to try out Cygnett’s innovative new Jump-Starter range and it’s safe to say I’m impressed. Even though I predominantly drive press cars (ie. new cars), you still never know when you might need to jump-start a car, or even charge the tech I’m bringing on my travels.PLUS, I even have had the chance to use the jump-starting functionality (this is what happens when you have an 18-year-old brother who leaves his interior light on his car all night long!) #BigSisToTheRescue

So, what is the 7,500mAh 12V Cygnett Jump-Starter & Power Pack?

A nifty glove-box sized, lightweight portable charging unit that you can take anywhere with the ability to charge your electronic devices and jump-start your small car, boat or even motorbike (within parameters- see things you can do below). It’s 7,500mAH in size, or roughly 3-4 smart phone chargers.


How does it work? 

It comes in a zip-up protective carry case. To use it simply charge the pack using the wall charger provided and you’re good to go! It’s extremely easy to use, and comes with instructions in case you get a bit flustered in the moment, like I did.


What’s in the box? 

• ChargeUp Auto 7,500mAh device (450g / 171mm (H) x 87mm (W) x 31mm (D))

• Solid Copper Clamp Clamps with Ultra-Safe Relay

• Micro-USB Cable

• 12V Female Socket

• Wall Charger

• Device car Charger

• Protective carry Case

• User Guide and Warranty




Things you can do with the 7,500mAh 12V Jump Starter & Power Pack
Besides the obvious of being able to safely jumpstart your dead battery, it also has some nifty uses. For example, it’s compatible with a huge range of devices, outside of the traditional tech (e.g. USB powered devices such as phone, cameras, speakers), it can also be used on your camping trips to charge portable fridges, cookers and more. I’m trying to spend more time outdoors, but on the weekends when I’m reviewing cars I carry a lot of tech around and often go on very long road-trips. I can be on the road all day, so it’s great having a big battery pack to help me get some extra juice for my other devices I need to use. Additionally, there is a bright LED Safety Light built in, just in case I get caught in a hairy situation and need a torch on hand.


The 7,500mAh pack is suitable for vehicles up to 3.0L Petrol or 1.7L Diesel, including boat and motorbikes. The pack can hold charge for up to 6-12 months and has enough juice for 10 jump-starts! If you have a vehicle outside these parameters, e.g. up to 5.0L petrol or 2.5L Diesel you’ll want to check out the even bigger 12,000mAh pack (better suited to bigger cars), and easily stowable under the seats or in the boot.




Final Thoughts
Every car owner should have one. Even if your car is relatively new because, remember, this is also great for your camping, traveling & road-trip activities too! I really enjoy mine because I rely on a lot tech when I’m on the road. Being able to quickly charge one of my two phones, my drone and even my Go Pro is made easy. I’m also all about cross-functionality and innovation, so having a product that could help me out if I end up stuck with a dead battery and provide extra juice for devices- it’s the perfect thing to have in my car! Of course, I have spare Cygnett battery packs always on the ready, but you can never be too prepared, especially when traveling with friends.








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