ON THE GO with the ASUS Zenbook 3

Thanks to ASUS Australia, I’m trying out their brand new Zenbook 3, and what better way to test out how a computer can handle than by taking overseas to the tech land of Japan!

I had a bit of a play with the laptop prior to my departure from Australia, but now that I’m in Japan I can take full control of what it has to offer as I’m going to be shooting videos and photographing things until my arms fall off.

As you can imagine, I have loads and loads of content already (it’s been 2 days!) and I’m sure by the end of these two weeks my portable 1TB hard-drive will be packed…yes…I’m that kind of user. An insanely, HEAVY, user.

The outer-box.

For now, I’m really enjoying how light and gorgeous the ASUS is. The packaging is so on point. I can not stop raving about how much I love the packaging!! (See below for contents).

It fits nicely in my handbag or backpack without the strain of being heavy.

I myself, am currently in the market for a new computer. I own 3 computers, however they are all cloud based – which is super handy and awesome- but I need something a bit more heavy duty to handle my photo editing and video software- something my computers severely struggle to do.


(NB: I do love my cloud computers, they are so handy to get quick tasks done, or just surf the net. But the processors in them aren’t built to handle higher graphics and rendering. They CAN do it, but it takes hours rather than minutes.)

Additionally, I’m trying to teach myself how to code, so I need another computer that I can count on and won’t lag if I decide to have multiple things running in the background.

I’m looking forward to showing you guys what the ASUS Zenbook 3 can do…because stylish things can be practical too!

Stay tuned for my full review of the ASUS Zenbook 3 and it’s capabilities in early January 2017. (If you’re going to review something, you might as well test out everything! Hehe.)

Blogging while on the Shinkansen to Osaka! And enjoying what I had originally thought was coffee…but is actually yogurt… Turns out coffee and yogurt are two VERY different things. #hopeless



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