Cru Wine Bar & Kitchen in Kew

This February I headed to Cru in Kew to see what all the fuss is about.

Luckily for me, we hit up this place on an absolutely gorgeous night- which meant the perfect excuse for sitting outside and kicking back.


For those that aren’t familiar, Cru is situated on the ever popular Glenferrie Rd and are open all day, breakfast lunch and dinner. We even heard a group of ladies joke to their husbands that they’d been there since breakfast (mind you it was about 7pm then). Of course, whatever your excuse is, and whatever the weather, this place is truly a treat.

“CRU is best understood when you’ve seen all its colours. Start your day with a coffee, breakfast, and the day’s paper, served by familiar faces. Kick back in the afternoon with man’s best friend in our sunny courtyard, while enjoying a burger and an ice-cold beer. As the sun gets low, come talk shop with our resident ‘wine guy’ in the cosy front bar over a glass of something red, just before sitting down to a beautiful dinner in our Private Dining Room.”

You can say that again. They are the perfect all rounder.

For us, we opted for simple. We wanted to kick back and relax in the breeze, and catch up on the day.

We had a starter and a main, and of course a cocktail each.





I thoroughly enjoyed Cru, and was pleasantly surprised by the caliber of food they are pumping out. I can’t wait to come back here again, I think next time for Walk Through the Mornington Wine Day (April 6), which they will be showcasing some of the best Mornington Peninsula Wines (I know what you’re thinking- my heaven on earth.)


Have you been to Cru? What was your favourite dish?

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  • Cru Bar & Kitchen
  • Photography by Noah Esposito & Andrea Hobbs

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