About Andrea Michelle Indy

A 20 something from Melbourne (AUSTRALIA) looking to make her mark on the world.

I grew up in a family of six with 3 brothers (and no sisters- although I desperately had wished for one). My third middle name: Indy, is after the Indy 500. I grew up around cars and appreciating cars.

Massive tech nerd. Became obsessed with technology at the age of 4 when I was given a used computer from a family friend. Even though all I could do on the computer was play Tetris (from a floppy disk) and type the alphabet (it became a game in itself)- I was hooked.

I got my first proper, functioning computer when I was 12 and it became my baby. My family weren’t wealthy so I had to teach myself how to use it, and most importantly how to fix it.

I was also that person who lived in their room, on their computer as much as possible. My family joked when I would exit my room that I finally have ‘left the dungeon’.

I always knew I wanted a good car when I got my licence, but of course money was a factor. My first car was a 1996 BMW 120i, then after that a 2005 Audi A3. However, while I was at University- and living out of home, I decided that I should downgrade my car as the costs of maintenance was far more than I could afford on a part-time supermarket wage. I bought my first ‘new car’ (demo vehicle) which was the Toyota Yaris in 2012.

I started my website and social media in response to not getting my ‘dream job’, and decided that I needed to have a digital portfolio.

This escalated to what it is now.

I review cars and take them on roadtrips around Victoria/ Australia. I also love photography,  fashion and lifestyle.
I’ve had some crazy experiences working for some amazing global brands (see PRESS).
I’m not really sure where this will take me, but as long as I get to do what I love, then I am happy.



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