Brunch by you. Phone by Google. Launch Event.

Wowee! If you’ve been following me on social, you’ll know I died and went to heaven last week when I got the amazing opportunity to attend Google’s very special launch event for it’s very first phone!!

Y’all know I’m tech & Google mad, so this literally felt like a dream come true.

Google flew me in for the event, and I’m definitely very grateful.

So what’s the big deal? What happened at this event?

Google invited a bunch of influencers and media to come and enjoy lunch at Three Blue Ducks in Roseberry, as well as be one of the first to try out some awesome Google products before they launch.


We got to try out Pixel (of course), and also Daydream View (exclusive Pixel VR headset).
At this event, they had a number of zones set up so that you could try out Camera, Google Photos, Google Assistant, Quick Switch & Daydream View.

Each zone had some very friendly Google staffers helping out. I’ve never seen so many Google people in one place. It was both fascinating and terrifying.

We arrived at 9.15am for some brunch, and mingling, then at 9.30am the presentation kicked off.

Aisling Finch, Head of Marketing for Australia & NZ presented Pixel, Googles very first phone. She ran through some of it’s epic features.

Once this was complete, guests were invited to collect their gift bags and try out all the features in the zones mentioned above.

I got my hands on a quite  Black Pixel (SO PUMPED), it was exactly what I wanted, so that was very lucky. Guests were able to set up their phones on the spot with Google staff assisting with the switch, showing how simply and easy it is to do right on the spot!

I decided not to set mine up on the day so that I could do an unboxing video. I also had access to a Pixel XL (very silver), so I played with this in the meantime.

It was actually freaky how good the camera is. They had a dark zone set up that had minimal lighting, and some amazing flowers and when you looked at the flowers through your natural eyes, and then compared to through the phone..the phone picked up the details way better than your own eyes can. #mindblown

This zone was barely LIT.
Daydream View w/ controller in the wild.

I also had a play around with Google’s VR Headset; Daydream View. I have played with other headsets including cardboard before so I was very interested to see the difference. I found the detail to be much brighter, clearer and crisper. Additionally the headset was far more comfortable.

Sounds like an ideal day to me!

Google Assistant zone was super fun because you got to see some examples of how to use Assistant. This is something I’m particularly excited for because I have a hectic schedule. With work, uni & blogging, it’s very easy to loose track of what I need to get done so Google Assistant is basically now my guardian angel. I’ve tried to give Assistant this nickname, but she keeps rejecting it….it’s okay, I’m not a quitter…she’ll come around eventually haha

Because events a way more funner with friends. Getting our selfie on in the ball room, with Tommy & Harrison (these dudes were also helping people out with device switching!)
Aaaaand me with no friends again.

All-in-all this event was super fun and I definitely won’t forget it. For a girl who is tech crazy, this was a tick off on the bucket-list and I’m ever grateful for the opportunity.


I’m so excited to see how Pixel goes, I absolutely love my device and I know that others will too.

Stay tuned for some example videos for myself which will go live over the next couple of weeks…when I find some spare time….Hopefully prior to my weekend away with a Tesla Model S P90D, which I will also be reviewing.

#MyPhoneByGoogle #MadebyGoogle #Pixel

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