Live Cases for Pixel #ACaseByGoogle

Wondering how to look after your Pixel while also being stylish at the same time?!

Well, you can create your very own Live Case through the Google Store.

SO, what is a Live Case?

It’s a customised phone case, made by you,  plus you can see your design come to life on your phone’s screen with the companion live wallpaper.

It comes with ‘One Touch Access’, a programmable shortcut ‘button’ that enables you to launch your favourite app quickly!

WHAT is a companion wallpaper? 

Bring your design to life with the companion wallpaper.

Photos Live Case:

  • Enjoy a customisable slideshow on your screen.

Places Live Case:

  • See a stylised map of your current location.

Artworks Live Case:

  • Turn your screen into a gallery featuring the collection of your choice.
Need. Want. NOW! #JeremyScottxGoogle

WHAT options do you have?

A range of options including:

  • Artworks
  • Places
  • Photos
  • Jeremy Scott x Google


Choose from independent artists including:

  • FriendsWithYou
  • Grey Malin
  • Chris Hadfield
  • Justin Maller



Choose from:

  • Map a favourite spot and choose from different styles and colours to make it your own.
  • Your Places Live Case comes with a live wallpaper that shows your current location in the same style as your case.




Choose your favourite photo, upload and edit with your favourite style.

Personalise with companion wallpaper to create a slideshow!




Probably my most favourite of the current available collections. Jeremy Scott has teamed up with Google with some super fresh, highly lit af cases.

Currently 9 different designs to choose from:

Screenshot 2016-11-19 at 8.37.35 PM.png

Creating Live Case is simple just head to and follow the prompts!
Screenshot 2016-11-19 at 8.29.38 PM.png

Stay tuned for my video, showing you how to create your own Live Case! Yay for getting creative.

#MyPhoneByGoogle #MadebyGoogle #Pixel

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