IKEA Richmond Glamping Event; SPRIDD Collection Preview

Last week, I participated in one of the funnest launch parties/events I’ve ever been to.

I’ve never been Glamping before so instantly I was like “heck yeah”, and also, I freaking love IKEA. (I spend a disturbing amount of time there…) I actually spend the majority of my time studying/ working in their cafe area because the unlimited coffees are the bomb & who could say no to some Swedish meatballs with creamy gravy and lingonberry sauce…not me, that’s for sure.

My unofficial IKEA modelling career ended quicker than I could say, ‘Swedish meatballs’.

SO, how does one get invited to such a cool event?  

Well firstly,  you need to get yourself on-board as an IKEA Family member. ASAP. Not only will you get exclusive member discounts, you’ll be able to stay up to date with the latest releases AND get money can’t buy experiences such as this super cool, amazing Glamping event (have I used enough adjectives?!).

Awkward photos are awkward. But they are also my speciality. So you know, that’s something…

The Glamping Event was a WORLD FIRST for IKEA, so as if I wasn’t already feeling special.

It was a relatively intimate event with a number of IKEA FAMILY members (around 30 or so people). Each member received an email asking if they’d be interested in participating in the event, and then from that names were drawn and voila, invites posted.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to attend.

Limited Edition SPRIDD Collection, get them while they are still available!

SO, what was is the SPRIDD collection like? 

IT IS SO COOL. For someone who loves IKEA as much as me, I was loosing my mind. Also the SPRIDD collection is my spirit animal. SPRIDD is a collaboration between KIT NEALE x IKEA. This is by far my favourite IKEA collection to date and I’ll explain why.

As some of you may know, I’m a gypsy of sorts. I travel A LOT for work, and in general. I’m in other cities more, than I sleep in my very own bed.

This also means my car has become some kind of endless storage pit, always ready for my next adventure. For anyone that has ever sat in my car, I know you can vouch for the lack of seating due to my aforementioned hoarding of items, because the way I see it “you can never be too prepared.” (OOPS, sorry!).

Ugh, I just want all these. The mugs are so freakin’ rad.

ALSO, I freaking love cartoons and bright prints and colours. Man do I love colours. If you’ve seen my IG, you can probably agree that I really freaking love my colours.

Hello complete room makeover…and car makeover…and life makeover. OKAY so just an entire life overhaul really. 

And lastly, their collection includes things such as travel flasks, duffel bags, prints, tents, bedding, cushions, kitchenware. All the things anyone would need if they were living the nomadic life…which is what I’m going to call it now…because let’s be honest. That’s pretty much my life.

The unveiling.
The new collection legit makes me this happy.

SO, what does one even do at an IKEA Glamping event?

Well, we all arrived for check-in at the Richmond Store between 6pm-7pm.

Then we got shown to our tents, which were situated on the very top car park of IKEA, on the end where you also have gorgeous views of the city skyline.

Damn, what a view! And I’m not talking about my big head.

The tents were 2 people, so each pair was allocated a tent, and don’t worry, you could bring a plus one so you always had a friend. #footballfriend

When it turns out your mate doesn’t want to be your #FootballFriend. (InBetweeners references FTW.)

The fun part was, we had to try and find our tents. Each tent was set out like a mini cabin, with a chair, a doormat and some carpet. There was also mini IKEA bags with some small gifts as well as the Itinerary for the night and our names attached.

We all had a system of calling out the names on peoples tents, as going past approx 20 tents to try and find your name is actually pretty time consuming HAHA.

Once we found out tent, we opened it up! It was crammed with pillows and doonas from the SPRIDD collection. And boy were they comfy.

That prime relaxation. So on point.

Additionally I went through our cute gift bags and found some info on the collection as well as some cute t-shirts for us to take home (also from SPRIDD; infact currently wearing one Tee now as I type this up!).

Then we had some free time to ride bikes, get to know the other campers and play some board games. There was also a DJ!

Taking stealth photos while I hind behind plastic trees. Ya know, the usual.

After this we all had a super cute IKEA Family dinner, with a bit of an Aussie twist. It was Swedish Meatballs x Aussie BBQ. So like BBQ veggies and Swedish Meatballs. SO YUM!

The IKEA family dining table.

Then, the moment we had all been waiting for, previewing the SPRIDD collection before everyone else in the world :O Finally Australian’s get something first. And it’s epic.

We also got the opportunity to buy whatever we wanted, from SPRIDD and store wide after hours for that VIP experience. PLUS, we got to eat some Swedish dessert treats while we shopped.

VIP Shopping Experience after hours. Um yes please.

Safe to say I bought a lot of things from SPRIDD. Especially the cushions, I’m obsessed with them! But that’s the great thing about IKEA, it’s so cheap you can basically refurnish your entire room and it won’t break the bank.

Finally we headed back to our tents and got ready for bed.

The next morning we had an IKEA breakfast with our new friends and were off on our way home with our new purchases and gifts.

Cute breakfast with the IKEA family.

Was such a cool way to meet other IKEA fiends, and make some friends along the way. I hope IKEA continues with these events, because I’m in love.

What do you guys think? Would you be interested in Glamping it up at IKEA?

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

#IKEAfamily #SPRIDD #IKEAcollection #IKEAaustralia

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2 responses to “IKEA Richmond Glamping Event; SPRIDD Collection Preview”

  1. great coverage of an awesome event we got to share! (your new friend, helen)


    1. Thank you so much Helen 🙂 It was great to meet you at the IKEA event and I hope to see you and Matt again very soon!!
      XOXO Andy


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