Day Out with Hisense & Red Bull Racing at 2017 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix®

My first ever Grand Prix attendance, and what a cracker of an event.

Being a car and tech nut, I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of this awesome day. So what does a day out with Hisense & Red Bull Racing actually entail?

Of course there was a rough agenda for the day, but other than that you were left to your own devices.

Being in the Paddock Club Suite, we had ‘front row’ seats to the pit-lane. Something that was so cool to see up close.

14 other tech journalists and myself were treated to a day in the Red Bull Racing Paddock Club Suite, with the day beginning with our media coach transfer into Albert Park before it opened to the public.

Upon arriving we had some delicious breakfast nibbles, juice & coffees.

After settling in we kicked off with the Hisense Media Event and unveiling of their brand new Series 8 and 9 TVs, seen earlier this year at CES 2017. Really excited to take these babies for a spin, but for the meantime, check out my introductory article here.

Besides the Team at Hisense unveiling, we also got to engage with Christian Horner and hear about their plans for 2017, which is of course to be bigger and better!

With Red Bull Team Principle, Christian Horner, PHOTO: Noah Esposito

Next up we got to enjoy the Pit Lane Walk, there were two options, but luckily we went in the morning because the second walk was super busy (imagine a crowd of people in front & back of you)!!

Afternoon Pit Lane Walk- attracted quite a big crowd! PHOTO: Andrea Hobbs

The Pit Lane Walk was really awesome because we got to walk past all the pit crews while they were setting up for the day. It’s surreal seeing this in person, rather than on your TV screens. Everyone is working so hard and play such an integral part for each racing team. Everyone hurrying around, looking at screens, headsets on- I could stand there watching all day.

Mark Webber with the pit crew, PHOTO: Noah Esposito

After this it was back to the suite to enjoy the views and watch the practice laps (Day 2)!

Later in the afternoon we got a private pit tour of the Red Bull Racing Garage. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take photos here! But it is something I will always remember. You could put on headphones and listen to the team radio. So fascinating.

I took the opportunity to interview Hisense Colour Ambassador: Jake Stollery (see article here on Hisense Australia).

Jake flexing while I get some notes down, PHOTO: Noah Esposito

Jake is an inspiring person, who follows the same mantra as myself: put yourself out there. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t put myself out there and did things that I wouldn’t normally. Additionally, Jake’s work is absolutely brilliant so make sure you check out the article. His work was displayed on the brilliant 4K ULED screens in the Suite! The vibrance and colour mind blowing.

Amazing imagery Red Bull Racing & Jake Stollery, PHOTO: Andrea Hobbs

Finally, my photographer and I enjoyed the remainder of the day with the food and drinks in the suite, and hung out at the Grand Stand to get an even ‘grander’ view of the course (like that was even possible).

With access to grandstand above pits and best seat in the house, I certainly did not want to leave.

At the end of the day, we got a parting gift and of course we got to keep our passes as a momento! Then, for me it was back to the apartment to sleep after that action packed day! (Still enjoying the roaring engines even from my apartment.)

Leaving the pit, PHOTO: Noah Esposito

The smell of fresh rubber and the roaring of the engines. Take me back!

Special thank you to Hisense Australia & Red Bull Racing for having me on the day. It was spectacular fun, and had my inner rev-head extremely satisfied.



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Photography by Noah Esposito


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