Road trip to Ballarat with the brand new BMW M760Li

Although Ballarat gets very cold in the winter, it’s still a fun place to visit. It’s far enough to say it’s a road trip but close enough that you could easily do a day trip.

A couple of my University friends have finished for the Semester. Given that my schedule is quite difficult to work around (with my part-time job plus car reviews), combined with their volunteering and medical research- it’s rare for us to get to catch up. (We hadn’t seen each other since Summer!)

When BMW offered me the M760Li for the week, I knew straight away a road trip was in order. But let’s be honest, I’ll make up any excuse to go for a drive. Even on the days I don’t have review cars…

Of course, no day trip is complete without a great spot to eat and then a bit of travel photography. At the moment, I’m really trying to learn about photography. As a self-professed technology fiend, photography is still something I don’t completely understand but definitely want to. It’s so satisfying creating my own content, so I really relish the opportunity.

We went to Ballarat for a few hours. Starting with lunch at Yellow Espresso & then explored Lake Wendouree. Yellow Espresso does amazing coffee and have some really delicious options. I’m not much of a sweet tooth, but apparently the pancakes are to die for.  Lake Wendouree is beautiful and has some wonderful animals that live nearby, including some beautiful black swans.

It began to rain in the late-afternoon, and when we realised the time, it was our queue to make our journey home.

I don’t normally have passengers in the cars I drive, so this was the perfect time to get some feedback on the backseat experience. My friend Justin, spent the trip home using the massage & exercise functions of their chairs. It’s safe to say he was in heaven.

Albeit, a short trip to Ballarat, we got some beautiful photos and visited areas we had never before. Especially my friend Nick, who had never even been to Ballarat, yet has grown up in Victoria.

Ballarat is well worth the visit, plus there are some really great food places to visit including Catfish- which is on my list of food places to visit.

Stay tuned for the car review coming this July, 2017!






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3 responses to “Road trip to Ballarat with the brand new BMW M760Li”

  1. Very disappointing “review” . . . You had nothing at all to say about the car.


    1. Hi Ian,

      Thanks for the feedback. However, I never said this was a review? I’m sorry you are disappointed by this article. However the full review of the car will be online in about a months time. I just did a travel article as an introduction as to where I went with the car.

      Does this help?




  2. Neel Bhattacharjee Avatar
    Neel Bhattacharjee

    Awesome post and an equally awesome car. I came across this on PCM’s instagram and you’re on point about the purpose and feeling of the Macan! Keen to hear your thoughts just on ease of parking and how it feels driving a premium car when you’ve driven something normal (a big concern of the wife!) Keep up the great work – you are living the dream for many of us! Cheers, NB


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