Three ways to get the most out of your Dynaudio XEO 2’s

Besides being brilliant small high-end wireless speakers, there is also a range of functionality outside of traditional bluetooth use.

Three features to try out:

  • Night Mode
    Enables you to ‘turn off’ the XEO 2’s LEDs. This is a great option if you have your XEO 2’s in your bedroom and listen to music at night, or even if you have them set up with your TV and don’t want the LEDs shining in the dark.
    Simply hold the ‘OFF’ button on your remote for five seconds to activate Night Mode.
  • Fixed Volume Mode
    To lock your speakers to specific volume, press and hold the ‘MUTE’ button on your remote for five seconds. Once this mode is activated, the speakers will remember this even after power off or standby.
    If you want to reactivate standard volume control mode, simply change the volume and the Fixed Volume Mode will be switched off.
  • Autosense at your command
    To disable or enable Autosense, press and hold the ‘OPT’ button for five seconds. (The LEDs will blink once if enabled, or twice if disabled.)
    If autosense is on, the speakers will automatically standby after a certain period of time if a signal can’t be detected. If this is switched off, your speakers are always ready for a signal/ device connection- however this also means they will always be on unless you turn them off manually.

To use these features, make sure your XEO 2 speakers have the latest firmware update.

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Review speakers provided on behalf of DYNAUDIO & BUSISOFT AU/NZ
Photography by Andrea Hobbs

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