Dynaudio Music 7 unboxing

Disclaimer: Dynaudio Music 7 provided for review.

Is there nothing more satisfying that unboxing a new toy to play with?

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing the Dynaudio Music 7 – larger sibling to the Music 1’s I also own.

Premium audio designed and engineered by Dynaudio Labs in Denmark.

With four colours to choose from, Dark Grey, Blue, Red or Light Grey, my eyes immediately went for the gorgeous Red.

As to be expected with this piece of premium audio equipment, the packaging is quite lovely.


Dynaudio Music comes in a range of variants from 1, 3, 5, 7, all differing in size.

My Dynaudio Music 7’s unlike my Music 1’s are mains powered, whereas the Music 1’s are both mains powered and rechargeable.

The Music 7 is still wireless for audio, but for portability it is not.

Additionally, a remote control is provided for the Music 3, Music 5 and Music 7 models, but not my Music 1’s.

In the box:

  • 1 x Dynaudio Music intelligent wireless music system
  • 1 x Mains power cable
  • 1 x Analogue audio jack cable
  • 1 x Toslink optical digital audio cable
  • 1 x Dynaudio Music remote control handset
  • 1 x Handset battery pack
  • 1 x Document pack

It is suggested to keep all your packaging as it is made to be reused. Personally I find the Music 7 box to be quite cumbersome, and takes up a fair bit of space – however, for an item like this you want to be able to take it wherever you go in life so you’ll make it work.


You can also purchase a wall bracket (separately), which is compatible for the 5 and 7. Most people will use this as way to utilise the speaker as a sound bar in their home entertainment room.


This is pretty straight forward and doesn’t need too much explaining.

You can set up the speakers to work over your Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth, however to do these you’ll want to set it up using the Dynaudio Music app.

Besides the tech set up, the only other thing you need to do is decide a place for it.

The Music 7 lacks the portability that the offer models offer, a sacrifice that you make for the larger speaker, so generally speaking it’s likely you’ll want to find it’s forever home – to save the awkwardness of constantly moving around.

If you are looking for something powerful but portable, you’d want to look at the Music 3 or Music 5 in comparison.


The Dynaudio experience is premium from the get-go which is reflected in their thought out packaging and overall design.

Stay tuned for my full review, as I have enjoyed the last four months including life in iso, with this powerful wireless speaker.


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