Dynaudio Music 7 Review

Disclaimer: Dynaudio Music 7 provided for review.

The last few months I’ve had the pleasure of indulging in lots of music listening, partly because I was reviewing these high-end wireless loudspeakers and also partly due to working from home during lockdown here in Australia.

As a music lover and Dynaudio Music 1 owner already, I was especially excited to see how the Dynaudio Music 7 would fare compared to its much smaller sibling, and even how it would go when we paired them up.


  • Part of the wireless Dynaudio Music range which comes in four variants: 1, 3, 5, & 7*
  • The largest speaker of the range at 201 x 819 x 159 mm (H x W x D) and 7.7kg
  • Can purchase a separate wall-bracket for wall mounting (compatible with Music 5 & Music 7)
  • Comes in 4 delightful colours (grey, light grey, blue, red)
  • Powered by mains (is not battery powered)
  • Connectors: USB Aux input, Analogue, HDMI
  • Wireless connection: WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Great to use as part of your home entertainment
  • Easy to set-up and connect to
  • Allows for multiple users
  • For full speaker setting customisation use the Dynaudio Music app (Android/iOS)

For more information on the unboxing, see here.

*Note, only 1 & 3 are battery AND mains powered.


It’s the biggest, most powerful speaker you can buy from the Dynaudio Music range.

Designed and engineered in Denmark.

Eye-catching styling, particularly in the red; can easily become the statement piece of any room.

Gorgeous to look at, and complements any room.


The Dynaudio Music 7 is powerful, containing two 1 inch soft-dome tweeters, two 3 inch midrange drivers and a twin 5 inch woofer.

Predominately I have been using the Music 7 speakers as a soundbar, as part of my home entertainment set up.

The sound output and performance is great. I can hardly fault it. However, where the Dynaudio Music 7 is let down is through the occasional technological glitches.

Sometimes the sound connection would drop out from the TV, and I would have to switch it off and back on again. Or, if I was changing between TV outputs, say switching from Chromecast to standard TV channels, the speakers occasionally wouldn’t register the change in audio so I’d have to click the sound output button to get it to pick it up again.

When using it as your standalone Dynadudio Music speaker with the TV sound – it works great, until you pair it with another Music speaker. When you do this, you will notice a very obvious audio delay between the TV display and the speakers. This would be due to the speakers having to communicate the sound to each other wirelessly, causing a strain on the Music 7 and thus a delay of sound to make it happen.

This sound delay is a shame because it would have been cool to try and set up surround sound using numerous Dynaudio Music speakers, however, even on the Dynaudio website they point out this downfall.

Nonetheless, if you stick to using the Dynaudio Music 7 only, the sound is great and made for enjoyable Netflix watching…again of which I had plenty of time to do over the last few months.

Separately, I’ve been streaming my music over bluetooth to the Dynaudio Music 7. When you pair it with other speakers for music listening only, there is no delay which is fantastic.

Recently catching up with some friends for dinner, I was able to set up the Music 1 in the distance, paired with the Music 7, enjoying music in the background.

Overall, the speakers have a multi-functional use, it’s not perfect due to software glitches, however you can certainly count on the sound quality to be crisp and pleasing.


When it comes to audio, you get what you pay for. The Dynaudio Music range is by no means a budget option, with prices starting at RRP AU$699 for the Dynaudio Music 1, and topping through to RRP AU$1599 for the Dynaudio Music 7.

Comparatively, you can spend similar amounts on lesser quality speakers which may look good from a design point, but are unfortunately lacking in audio quality.

In my opinion, the Dynaudio Music range pricing is reasonable and justified. It’s something you will cherish for years.

Quality, style, function.

It’s a tough package to beat, especially compared to the more accessible sound bars on the market which are similarly priced and far less exciting to look at or listen to.

That said, with EOFY deals running hot and fast, be sure to shop around for a great deal!


The Dynaudio Music range is classy, chic, eye-catching and a brilliant audio performer.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t have it’s downfalls, whether it be the occasional technological glitch or the video-audio delay when pairing with other Music speakers.

Overall, the Dynaudio fits the bill for style, design and the most importantly audio quality.

Whether you’re looking for a statement speaker, a sound bar or something that delivers on quality, the Dynaudio Music 7 might be for you.

Learn more at BusiSoft AV.

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Review speakers provided on behalf of DYNAUDIO & BUSISOFT AU/NZ

Photography by Andrea Hobbs


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